Coloring Samples

Providing Hair samples for your Hair Replacement order.
It is necessary to provide large hair samples taken from your existing hair when placing orders for hair replacements.  Usually seven large samples must be provided if your hair is not the same color all over.  If your hair is the same color all over it is only necessary to trim enough hair to fill one box on the order form.

To take Hair samples of your existing hair your existing hair is lifted in the area specified on the order form.  Many small snips of your hair are cut at the scalp in that area next to the head using a sharp scissors.  Take ten small hair snips - not cut in exactly the same place so the cuts will not be visibly missing when they are removed from that area of your head.  Lay each snip on the box marked for that area on the order form till you have placed at least six snips in that same box.  Please leave the hair at its full length with the root ends at the top of the box.  When finished with that area, group all the snips together and place scotch tape over the top ends of that sample attaching it to the order form.  You should have close to at least sixty full-length hairs in "each" box.  Continue repeating this procedure until you have placed the color samples from each required area on your head in each box on the order form.  More is better as large samples will insure the correct color hair replacement.  Please leave the hairs their full length.


If you do not have any hair in the front, top or crown area, please select the color for "those" areas from those samples that you are able to provide.  On the order from, indicate which samples should be used for non-existing samples using arrows from samples to empty sample boxes.


For further information please contact Hair By Mail with your name and phone number.  One of our order technicians will call you at the number and time specified.  Our hours of operation are 9 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard time.


When you receive your order confirmation please note the invoice number. For better service please use this number when inquiring about your order.




  1. Larger samples are better - as much as you can.
  2. The hair must be clean.  Dirty hair does not show its true color.  If a shampoo is not possible or practical, clean the sample in cleaner before sending it in with your order. 
  3. If you wish uniform color throughout the unit and your hair is fairly uniform, take sample from both sides and back, mixing them together as you go.
  4. For graying temples, take samples from each side and back, keeping them separate, and tape them at appropriate spots on the order form. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 877.886.9045

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