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If you are familiar with or if you already use hair systems then put our expertise to the test. Let us deliver the best of our services and products to you.


Hair By Mail... Your Mail Order Hair Replacement Connection!


for Mens * Custom and Ready-Made Hair Replacements & for Ladies, we supply Custom, Made-to-Order Partials, Full Wigs & Hair Replacements.

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We Got You Covered!we ship WORLDWIDE.

No one will ever know... No one will ever notice...



Custom Made & Duplication:


Do not throw away your previously used Hair Replacements... Have your old unit REPAIRED!   

If the base is in fairly good condition then by adding additional hair we will make it almost like new.


Repair charge is only... $119.00 and for an Oversized or Full Wig Repair it's Only $179.99

You will receive confirmation of your order within 10 days of receipt. You may be contacted if additional information is needed.


Send us your previously used, well fitting hair replacement and we will duplicate it and mail it directly to you. (Note: Make sure it fits you perfectly. If it doesn’t, simply send the measurements required, or better yet a template made to your specific size, contour & recession and don’t forget to include a good size color sample).


Our well trained staff  will know what to do, and your sample Hair Replacement will be returned to you with the finished order. The delivery time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.


A Custom Standard size Hair Replacement System is only $299.99 (Maximum size 88 square inches") 
$350.00  for any unit, hairpiece or wig that measures anything over over 88 square inches.
Lace front or French lace foundation is an additional $50.00. 
We use the Finest quality Human Hair or Synthetic Fiber.


*Prices fluctuate and are subject to change without notice!*

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